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What You need to Know about Travertine

Posted by on Jun 15, 2015


Travertine is a type of rock that has been naturally created in hot springs and limestone caves. Travertine is sometimes confused with Marble, the difference between the two natural rocks is, Marble is shiny, smooth in texture and has a crystal look, unlike Travertime it has a perforated texture because of its small holes formed in hot springs. Travertine has been use for ages for furnishing palace, ceilings and wall since then. Using Travertine as one of your furnished materials creates beauty and elegance inside the house.  If you see a house made of travertine or marble, then the owner must be rich, because of the beauty it possessed and the value of the material is expensive. As you can see, almost all rich people uses travertine for their kitchens, bathrooms and even in their hallways to represent and power and wealth. A house made of travertine and added marble in some areas of your house possessed beauty and elegance that makes the house more attractive and will surely make a homeowner fall in love with it. But just like any other material, travertine has also it pros and cons. below are few of the disatravertine_flooringdvantages of using travertine.

  • Travertine is also soft material and very absorbent that if you accidentally spill or wash your dye hair in a marble shower then the tendency is the material will absorb the color and basically will stain the bathroom floors.
  • Some Travertine marble has mineral contents and there are possibilities that it can rust any of your bathroom installation. To avoid these, you can test the marble by soaking it in the water for a few days, after that try to dry it up for a few more days then see if there are discolorations/changes in the marble.
  • Travertine etching is also one of the disadvantages, caused by some exposure to acidic chemicals, such as cleaning products and lemons and other bathroom products. Testing the bathroom products will help you avoid deterioration of the material.

hr3136219-9We all know that not all homeowners know how to keep and maintain such housing materials. They only want to see the house they have been dreaming of, but knowing the reality of its materials weakness, will help you keep your house for life. If you are planning to design an elegant house with travertine then you have to deal with the experts. Travertine is one of the companies that will help you with your flooring maintenance and to achieve better material for your dream house. The company offers different kinds of travertine products that possess better quality, not only that. Travertine can also do the following services like restoration, maintenance and cleaning procedures.  A travertine restoration is not just an ordinary process it involves a lot meticulous procedures to achieve the best result. For Travertine cleaning, repairs and maintenance it is best to come with the right people with proper equipment and cleaning services because you will surely be satisfied with the service they make for your house walls, floorings and bathroom floors.


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Travertine Maintenance: DO’s and DON’T’s

Posted by on Jun 15, 2015


Travertine tile has been the most commonly used material for elegant housing. The tile can be seen mostly in outdoor areas of the house: in the hallway, wall decorations, steps and other bathroom furnishings. Travertine is a natural stone that can be found in hot springs and limestone caves. The only difference of these natural rocks is, its texture; Travertine is perforated and has many holes. So before using this kind of material, you must cover the holes to make it fair looking or beautiful.  Just like any material, Travertine has also its weakness especially on etching issue; acids like lemons, juice, coffee could contribute on its etching process. To avoid all of these and maintain the wellness of this stone here are the dos and don’ts for maintaining its quality.


  1. If you are planning to use Travertine as one of your materials for your house, then avoid installing it in areas where there will be involved of acidic substance, such as coffee, juice and lemons. These are a few of acidic substance that could contribute in the deterioration of the tile.
  2. For cleaning materials, do not just trust any generic bought cleaning products at the shop to save money. Though the damage will not effect immediately, but as the time goes by the etching process will effect later on and your expenses will double up because you will need a travertine expert to restore the damaged done after usage of such cheap products.
  3. If you are using travertine as one of your materials for bathroom floorings or walls better to install a tray where you will put all your bathroom products such as perfumes, hair sprays, lotions etc, all of these have chemical contents that will contribute in the etching issue of this tile


  1. travertine_cleaning_las_vegas_702-423-6092If there are spill off on the tile, wipe it off immediately using a sponge or soft cloth with hot water and a mild soap. You use this often but everyday used of soap could lead to dull appearance of the tile.
  2. To keep from dust and dirt, use dry and non treated dust mop to take off the dirt and dust. Also mopping it regularly with a specialized cleaning product for the tile will maintain its beauty.
  3. Use Proper Stone Cleaner to achieve proper cleaning of the stone not only will make the tile clean but also will preserve the quality of the material.
  4. You might as well do the sealing process of this tile to avoid direct contact of the dirt and unnecessary liquids that accidentally spill off during in an occasion or ordinary days. Remember before doing the sealing process, you must perform the proper cleaning process for this tile to avoid future problems.

Simply by following the do’s and don’ts above, you will definitely preserve the beauty of this tile. Aside from that, it can also save you from future restoration and damages in the long run. It is best to properly educate yourself on the characteristics of the materials used in your house, so you have the idea on how to maintain it.

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Posted by on Jun 15, 2015



Floor is the most exposed part of a house which is very prone to damage such as scratches, dirt and marks that are very unpleasant to see. Even with the travertine, which is a stone material, there is never an exception with all these annoying factors which cleaning will never be enough of getting rid of those. So for you to have the best travertine floors back to its best look would be the restoration process. The following will help you on how to get rid of the etching that makes your floor look cloudy.

Things that you will need

Travertine-Polishing-Polishing powder


-spray bottle

-soft cloth

Things to be done step by step

  1. The very first step for you to do is to use whether a marble or the exact travertine polishing powder. Both will do best. You may have this with some stone shop on your area or any of the hardware stores near you.
  2. Next is for you to identify the not so clear areas of your travertine floor. It most probably is in the cornHouse014er. Make sure that the powder that you have will never damage the floor through testing it again and again right before applying.
  3. Time for you to use the powder just by applying it with at most three pinches with every square inch of your travertine floor.
  4. Now, use your finger in spreading the powder evenly on the cloudy area.
  5. Get that spray bottle ready with water, spray it to the affected area with the lightest spray your spray bottle can have at least two sprays would be enough.
  6. Now, grab the powder again for you will be rubbing it against your travertine floor now with the use of soft cloth. Make sure that your strokes are just soft and enough to wipe the powder. It’s best ffor you to use your hand’s heel in rubbing the powder, continue doing the step until the shiny travertine is now visible then dry.


These are the steps that you will most likely do when it comes to restore your cloudy travertine floor back from its cloudy appearance. Remember to be gentle enough in each and every step because travertine floors may be very sensitive to scratches and marks when exposed to sharp and pressured objects.

Also, you must take note that when using chemicals with your travertine floor, choose the exact and the safest flooring products to never stain and leave hard to remove marks on your floor that will leave you no choice but to restore them all. When cleaning, focus with the area that has the dirt so that the dirt will never scatter and affect the supposed to be clean areas. Always read the instructions thoroughly to avoid any harmful mixture or exposure to your travertine. Take time to list all these steps and you may now be able to restore your cloudy travertine back with no one but you.

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